Nutrition Coaching with Katie Larking

Inspiring, educating and empowering individuals to take control of their health by making better food choices

I help people with

Personalised nutrition and health plans tailored to individual needs

Improved health and well-being through personalised coaching

Interpreting Smart DNA Genomic Test and how these translate to nutrition and lifestyle changes

Access to high-quality nutrition and wellness products

Personalised Nutrition Plans & Weight Loss

A tailored meal plan to meet your calorie requirements for weight loss, and weight maintenance.

Nutrition Coaching

Coaching for you if you want harmony in your life and are ready to change habits and eating behaviour.

DNA Diet Testing

If you are looking for a meal plan that is tailored to your individual genetics. You have come to the right place. Order your DNA Test today.

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...

You think about the fact that it's time for a change in your life

If your life looks great on paper but feels crap in real life, we need to talk. My mission is to empower men and women to love the skin they’re in so that they finally start living a full and extraordinary life.

You lack the necessary knowledge and guidance on nutrition and wellness to improve your health

Many people lack knowledge and guidance on nutrition and wellness, leading to unhealthy lifestyle habits and chronic health conditions. My coaching session will increase your knowledge and understanding of nutrition and wellness so you can make informed decisions about your health and well-being. With the right guidance and support you can overcome nutrition obstacles.

You want to live the way you want!

You understand that you deserve more than you have now. You just need some help to appreciate and prioritise yourself. What you need is a little self care. It may sound contradictory but increasing your accountability and motivation may be the missing piece in the puzzle for you to live your best life, that's where may coaching can help.

Feeling frustrated with ineffective diets have left you feeling disappointed and discouraged

You have tried and failed with diets and fitness plans leading to a cycle of unsuccessful attempts and decreased motivation. You need a personalised nutrition plan and lifestyle changes tailored to your individual needs. The goal is to prevent frustration by focusing on what works for you.

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

Working together for a healthier happier you!

“Being a professional is about being empathetic to each individual’s circumstances. Putting people at ease, and allowing them to speak freely about their personal challenges with food.”

“customised nutrition and meal plans to suit an individual’s cultural needs, eating preferences and genetics.”

What I live for and how I can be useful to you

I am working to increase the number of people enjoying better health by eating nutritious food


My life

Born in Australia, my favourite subject at high school was nutrition and home economics. My father developed early-onset Alzheimer’s at 54 yrs old. Today I believe I have an understanding of the major contributing factors to his illness thanks to DNA testing and the knowledge learned from Smart Genomic Wellness Testing. B



Today, she holds a Bachelor of Applied of Science in Health and an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Health for Anxiety, Depression and Stress. She is a qualified Health and Nutrition Coach.


Health and nutrition coach

Katie has dedicated her life to self improvement and serving others. She studies, researches and reads everything she can about nutrition and genetics and shares her findings with her clients.


My hobbies

She is an individual who is committed to her own health. Her goal is to thrive, not just survive. She loves weight training, connecting with animals and walking in nature. She educates and empowers her clients to inspire them to adopt lifelong health and lifestyle changes. 


Fitness Achievements

Katie has placed second and third place in over 40s Australian Natural Body Building. Practical experience in fat loss and muscle gain. 

“As a teenager, I was able to overcome obesity. I studied nutrition and followed a meal and exercise plan, self-taught at the age of 14 !”


My projects

Katie has developed a free dietary fiber counter to help her clients and others reach their daily requirements for dietary fiber. Katie feels dietary fiber is a missing key for many who are seeking weight loss. 

Kind words from my happy clients

Find out what my clients tell about me
“I am a different and so much better person from knowing her. She has great insights and intuition, and takes enormous care. ”
Courtney Henry
“Influence on me has been profound. It is no exaggeration to say that he changed my life, for the better. ”
Robert Fox
“I have met many special people in my life and many very highly trained health practitioners but no one that remotely compares to her. She has more than 20 years of intense training, research, knowledge . ”
Brooklyn Simmons
“Influence on me has been profound. It is no exaggeration to say that he changed my life, for the better. ”
Robert Fox